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Finnish Peace Committee is a politically and religiously non-committed NGO founded in 1949. Its goal is to promote peace, disarmament, tolerance, human rights, and global equality. Operation is based on humanitarian, anti-war ideals that emphasize international common responsibility. Finnish Peace Committee sees social justice and unpolluted environment as important factors for the security of the citizens. Finnish Peace Committee sees that Finland should stay out of military alliances, and is against membership in NATO as well as against militarization of European Union. Finnish Peace Committee works to make the goals of the United Nations and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe better known.


Finnish Peace Committee aims to reach its goals through organizing various events and activities (seminars, movie nights, demonstrations, concerts, etc) both by itself and in co-operation with other Finnish peace-promoting societies as well as other NGOs. Finnish Peace Committee has about 2500 person members. The most important information channel of the association is the magazine "Rauhan Puolesta" ("Pro Peace"), a cultural/opinion/news magazine that comes out six times a year with a wide distribution. The association also participates in the public discussion on social issues by publishing literature and arranging public discussion events. Finnish Peace Committee aims to influence the Finnish foreign and defence policies and other social policies. The goal is to increase the appreciation of the work for peace.

International Co-operation

Finnish Peace Committee takes part in the activities of several international organizations and networks. It is a member of the International Peace Bureau, an international alliance of about 170 peace societies, founded in 1892, which has its headquarters in Geneve, Switzerland. Finnish Peace Committee also keeps in contact with World Peace Council.

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